Homework Assignment #1

Analyze this sequence to predict genes. RepeatMasker has already been run on the sequence, and repeats have been "soft masked" (i.e., replaced by lower-case letters). Analyze the sequence with GenScan and blastn, searching both the NR and EST databases, plus anything else you want to try, to identify the genes in the sequence. Write a summary of your gene predictions, describing the evidence for them. Explain what you learned about which tissues express the gene (or genes).

I'll be available most of Monday to answer questions, at webb@bx.psu.edu or in 506B Wartik Lab.

Send your write-up to webb@bx.psu.edu by midnight, Monday, September 13. I want just a single text file; no Word files, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Any solutions not sent to this address or not consisting of a single text file, will be accidentally lost.