Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Spring Semester 2004

Lab meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jan 14Laura Elnitski Mammalian EST project with Liliana Florea: Evolutionary conservation of exonic splicing enhancer motifs and alternative splicing patterns in whole genome human-mouse-rat alignments
Wed Jan 21David King Calibration of genomic predictions of regulatory regions: L-score vs. PhyloHMMcons
Wed Jan 28Laura Elnitski & database group Storing ENCODE data in dbERGEII
Wed Feb 4Frank Pugh Computational and experimental analysis of intergenic regions in yeast
Wed Feb 11Nigam Shah & Steve Racunas (Fedoroff group) HyBrow
Wed Feb 18Hao Wang Tests of predicted erythroid cis-regulatory modules
Wed Feb 25Anton Nekrutenko Overlapping co-transcription of coding regions in mammalian genomes
Wed Mar 3Shan Yang Thesis presentation: Covariation in mutation rates
Wed Mar 10(spring break)  
Tue Mar 16
11:15 am
101 Althouse
Shan Yang Thesis defense: Covariation in rates of evolutionary processes and its impact on functional genomics
Wed Mar 17(Ross will be away)  
Wed Mar 17
12:10 pm
317 Mueller
Andrzej Konopka IMEG seminar: Systems thinking in biology: Pragmatic inference and other principles of integrative modelling
Thu Mar 18
4:00 pm
Manolis Dermitzakis Mammalian conserved non-genic sequences
Wed Mar 24Francesca Chiaromonte & James Taylor Symmetric RP scores
Wed Mar 31Jyotsna Kasturi Analysis of microarray data from erythroid cells
Wed Apr 7Anusha Radakrishnan, Pallavi Eswara, & Webb Miller Chicken genome
Wed Apr 14Database group Database integration
Wed Apr 21(Ross will be away)  
Wed Apr 28   
Sat May 1  PSU Genetics Symposium
Wed May 5Various
(finals week)
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Wed-Sun May 12-16  CSH Biology of Genomes meeting
Thu-Sun Jun 17-20  PSU Genomes and Evolution meeting

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