Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Summer 2004

Lab meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jun 2Ross Hardison et al. Chicken genome paper
Wed Jun 9Anton Nekrutenko Isochores in chicken
Wed Jun 16
2:30 pm
Jianbin He Codon volatility estimation
Wed Jun 16
3:30 pm
Von Bing Yap (UC Berkeley) Estimating the root of a phylogenetic tree
Thu Jun 17
4:00 pm
108 Wartik
Shaying Zhao (TIGR) Genome rearrangements in mammalian genome evolution and human tumorigenesis
Thu-Sun Jun 17-20  PSU Genomes and Evolution meeting
Wed Jun 23Laura Elnitski Assessing regulatory regions in human-chicken alignments
Fri Jun 25
1:30 pm
Daryl Thomas (UCSC) ENCODE data management
Wed Jun 30Kateryna Makova Analysis of the chimp genome
Wed Jul 7(no meeting)  
Thu Jul 8
4:00 pm
108 Wartik
Ewan Birney (EBI) The Ensembl project for assembling and annotating large genomes
Fri Jul 9
9:00 am
Ewan Birney (EBI) Approaches to finding regulatory elements
Tue Jul 13
4:00 pm
102 Thomas
B. Chandra (Indian Inst. Tech.) (Statistics colloquium)  Gene expression data analysis using two way clustering
Wed Jul 14(no meeting)  
Wed Jul 21(no meeting)  
Wed Jul 28David King Calibration studies on RP scores, MCSs, and PhyloHMMcons=PhastCons scores
Wed Aug 4(no meeting)  
Thu Aug 5
4:00 pm
102 Thomas
Ernst Wit (Univ. of Glasgow) (Statistics seminar)  Hidden Markov random field modelling of gene interactions
Wed Aug 11(no meeting)  
Wed Aug 18(no meeting)  
Wed Aug 25(no meeting)  

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