Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Fall 2004

Lab meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Sep 1Ross Hardison, Belinda Giardine, Cathy Riemer GALA revolution: developments from UCSC
Wed Sep 8(no meeting)  
Wed Sep 15(no meeting)  
Wed Sep 22Hardison lab Tests of predicted regulatory elements
Thu Sep 23
4:00 pm
104 Thomas
Stephen Marron (Statistics colloquium)  Distance weighted discrimination and geometrical representation of high dimension - low sample size data
Tue Sep 28
4:00 pm
104 Thomas
Seth Sullivant (Statistics colloquium)  Phylogenetic invariants
Wed Sep 29 Réka Albert Modeling gene regulatory and signal transduction networks
Wed Oct 6 Stephan C. Schuster Genomics of a bacterial predator
Wed Oct 13Anton Nekrutenko Chasing ALEX
Wed Oct 20 Monique Rijnkels Of mammals and milk: the casein gene cluster region
Tue Oct 26
4:00 pm
320 Whitmore
Christine Heitsch (Math seminar)  Encoding structures in sequences: plane trees and RNA secondary structure
Wed Oct 27
4:00 pm
101 Althouse
Roderic Guigó Finding genes
Wed Nov 3 Manolis Dermitzakis Conserved nongenic sequences
Tue Nov 9
4:00 pm
101 Althouse
Tandy Warnow (Evolutionary Genomics seminar)  New techniques for large-scale phylogeny
Wed Nov 10(no meeting) (ENCODE and Functional Elements workshops at CSH)
Wed Nov 17Makova lab  
Wed Nov 24(no meeting -- Thanksgiving)  
Wed Dec 1Chiaromonte group  
Wed Dec 8Lesk group  
Wed Dec 15Miller group: James Taylor (?)  
Wed Dec 22(no meeting)  
Wed Dec 29(no meeting)  

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