Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Spring 2005

Lab meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jan 12Ross Hardison Predicting cis-regulatory modules without genome-wide alignments
Wed Jan 19
3:00 pm
Anton Nekrutenko et al. Galaxy: a metaserver for genomic analysis
Thu Jan 20
1:00 pm
514 Wartik
Rebecka Jörnsten (Computational genomics journal club)  Adaptive missing data imputation for DNA microarrays and its effect on significance analysis of differential expression
Thu Jan 20
4:00 pm
104 Thomas
Rebecka Jörnsten (Statistics colloquium)  Clustering gene expression data based on p-values
Wed Jan 26
12:00 pm
315 Rider II
Joe Felsenstein (WUN bioinformatics video conference)  Bioinformatics and phylogenies: molecular biology meets population biology
Wed Jan 26(no CCGB meeting)  
Wed Feb 2
12:10 pm
317 Mueller
Ross Hardison (IMEG seminar)  Gene regulatory elements discovered by vertebrate genome comparisons
Wed Feb 2(no CCGB meeting)  
Thu Feb 3
4:00 pm
201 Thomas
Adam Siepel (Statistics colloquium)  Comparative mammalian genomics: models of evolution and detection of functional elements (computation oriented)
Fri Feb 4
11:15 am
101 Althouse
Adam Siepel (BMB seminar)  Comparative mammalian genomics: models of evolution and detection of functional elements (biology oriented)
Wed Feb 9 Wojceich Makalowski Junk - what is it good for? Story of a genomic clochard?
Wed Feb 16Webb Miller Ancestral genomes
Wed Feb 23
12:10 pm
317 Mueller
Alexander Bolshoy (IMEG seminar)  Overlapping messages as a strategy for vulnerability reduction
Wed Feb 23James Taylor RP scores and beyond (presentation for CSH)
Thu Feb 24
4:00 pm
201 Thomas
Danh Nguyen (Statistics colloquium)  A partial least squares (PLS) dimension reduction approach to some challenges in genome-wide expression analysis
Wed Mar 2 Teresa Przytycka  
Wed Mar 9(spring break)  
Wed Mar 16
12:10 pm
317 Mueller
Webb Miller (IMEG seminar)  Reconstructing the genome sequences of ancient mammals
Wed Mar 16Wen-Yu Chung (Makova) Evolution and robustness of human gene co-expression network: the role of duplicate genes
Wed Mar 23
12:10 pm
317 Mueller
Kateryna Makova (IMEG seminar)  Strong and weak male mutation bias at different sites in the primate genomes: insights from the human-chimpanzee comparison
Wed Mar 23 Jim Kent The UCSC Table Browser and a new tool, VisiGene
Thu Mar 24
4:00 pm
Berg Auditorium
100 Life Sci Bldg
Jim Kent Tools for understanding the sequence, evolution, and function of the human genome
Tue Mar 29
4:00 pm
101 Althouse
Jeff Bennetzen Phylogenomic insights into genome dynamism, gene conservation and functional divergence in flowering plants
Wed Mar 30 Laura Carrel Genomics of gene expression on the human inactive X chromosome
Wed Apr 6Minmei Hou (Miller) Orthologous alignment for multiple genomic sequences with rearrangements
Wed Apr 13 Piotr Berman Predicting secondary structures of protein and global optimization
Thu Apr 14
4:00 pm
201 Thomas
Galin Jones (Statistics colloquium)  Ascent-based Monte Carlo EM
Wed Apr 20Stephan Schuster  
Wed Apr 27Bob Harris (Miller) Variation in noncoding sequence conservation in vertebrates
Wed May 4(various) Practice runs for CSH
May 11-15
  CSHL Biology of Genomes meeting
Wed May 18(various) Post-conference discussion

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