Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Summer 2005

Lab meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jun 1 Randen Patterson Layered protein domain alignments: complementation, nucleation and beyond
Wed Jun 8 Hao Wang (Hardison) Tests of predicted erythroid cis-regulatory modules
Wed Jun 15 Dave Vuletich (Lesk/LeComte) A phylogenetic and structural analysis of truncated globins
Wed Jun 22   [Ross will be away]
Mon Jun 27
3:00 pm
Darin London BioMart
Wed Jun 29 Jieun Jeong (Berman) Predicting protein structure from its approximation
Wed Jul 6 Ross Hardison et al. What we have for the ENCODE data fair
Wed Jul 13 Yousry Azmy
Heather Lawson
(Nekrutenko and Miller)
Computational modeling of genome-wide transcriptional regulation
An analysis of human/chimp/macaque orthologs
Jul 15-17
  ENCODE data analysis workshop
Jul 18-19
  ENCODE meeting
Wed Jul 20 Laurent Duret Analysis of substitution rates in primates
Jul 20-23
(everybody) Comparative and Functional Genomics symposium at PSU
Wed Jul 27 Ross Hardison Report from ENCODE
Wed Aug 3 Yan "Daniel" Yongpan (Karro) Predicting lateral gene transfer using phylogenetic reconstruction and a molecular clock
Wed Aug 10    
Wed Aug 17    
Wed Aug 24    

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