Schedule for Lab Meetings and Seminars -- Spring 2006

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:40 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jan 11 Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy and beyond
Wed Jan 18 John Karro Time-dependent estimates of neutral substitution rates (work by Prof. Dr. Hennig von Gruenberg, Univ. of Graz, Austria)
Fri Jan 20
2:00 pm
Daniel Huson (Schuster) Genome taxonomy browser
Wed Jan 25 Joel Martin Deviations from neutrality using divergence and polymorphism
Wed Jan 25   [Note: abstract deadline for CSH Global Regulation of Gene Expression]
Wed Feb 1 Ken Weiss Searching for olfactory receptor regulators
Wed Feb 8 Ross Hardison lab Testing predictions of regulatory elements
Wed Feb 15
4:00 pm
105 Wartik
Sergei Kosakovsky-Pond Likelihood estimates of evolutionary rates
Wed Feb 15   [Note: abstract deadline for CSH Biology of Genomes]
Wed Feb 22 Webb Miller Woolly mammoth and other current projects
Thu Feb 23
2:00 pm
Adam Siepel Detecting lineage specific selection (DLESS)
Wed Mar 1 David Lipman  
Wed Mar 8   [no meeting: spring break]
Wed Mar 15 Erika Kvikstad Analysis of insertion/deletion events in human-chimpanzee genomic alignments
Wed Mar 22 Francesca Chiaromonte  
Mar 23-26
  CSH Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression
Wed Mar 29 Belinda Giardine,
Cathy Riemer
Connecting genomes to phenotype
Wed Apr 5   [no meeting]
Wed Apr 12 Arthur Lesk lab  
Wed Apr 19 Ross Hardison lab  
Tue Apr 25
6:00 pm
100 Life Sci.
Peter G. Schultz An expanding genetic code
Wed Apr 26 Stephan Schuster lab  
Fri Apr 28
4:00 pm
100 Thomas
J. Craig Venter Genomics: from medicine to the environment
Wed May 3 David King Conservation and constraint in regulatory regions
Wed May 10   [no meeting: CSH]
May 10-14
  CSH Biology of Genomes
Wed May 17 (various) - Planning for the macaque genome paper
- Highlights of the CSH genomes meeting
Wed May 24 Joel Martin Testing deviation from neutrality based on population genetic measures
Wed May 31   [no meeting: HMG2006]

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