Schedule for Center Meetings and Seminars -- Fall 2009

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Tue Sep 8
4:00 pm
Tom Dickins Life histories and fertility scheduling in a modern human population
Wed Sep 9 Eric Rivals Analysis of minisatellite markers suggests frequent genetic exchanges among house mouse subspecies
Wed Sep 16
9:00 am
301D LSB
Yogeshwar Kelkar BG Research Breakfast:
What should we call a microsatellite: a case study with dinucleotides
Wed Sep 16   [No CCGB meeting -- CSHL Personal Genomes conference]
Wed Sep 23    
Wed Sep 30   [No CCGB meeting]
Fri Oct 2
1:00 pm
112 Buckhout
Dan Blankenberg Ph.D. thesis defense:
Galaxy, a web-based framework for the integration of genome analyses
Fri Oct 2
3:30 pm
223B IST
Chih-Hao Hsu Ph.D. thesis defense:
Inference of orthologs, while considering gene conversion, to evaluate whole-genome multiple sequence alignments
Wed Oct 7
11:30 am
223B IST
Aakrosh Ratan Ph.D. thesis defense:
Assembly algorithms for next-generation sequencing data
Wed Oct 7 Ken Weiss  
Wed Oct 14 Vanessa Hayes  
Wed Oct 21
9:00 am
301D LSB

Eric Samorodnitsky
BG Research Breakfast:
Proposal for a regional student group at PSU
Evaluating occupancy levels of transcription initiation factors
Wed Oct 21 Ross Hardison Genomics of erythroid gene regulation
Wed Oct 28   [No CCGB meeting]
Wed Nov 4 Ken Weiss Hi-C, a method for mapping long-range interactions in nuclei
Wed Nov 11 Miguel Gallach
(Univ. of Texas)
Oligonucleotide profiling reveals that Drosophila dosage compensation binding sites are enriched with a particular sequence motif
Wed Nov 18
9:00 am
301D LSB
Kyung Dae Ko BG Research Breakfast:
The classification of a protein from its primary sequence using functional and structural-specific PSSMs in quantitative measurement
Wed Nov 18 Ben Dickins  
Wed Nov 25   [Thanksgiving break]
Wed Dec 2    
Wed Dec 9 John Thompson
(Helicos BioSciences)
Sequencing what is there, not just what amplifies: Understanding biology using Helicos True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS)
Wed Dec 16
9:00 am
301D LSB
Sunando Roy BG Research Breakfast:
A statistical method to differentiate between microbial proteins based on predicted secondary structural properties
Wed Dec 16 Vanessa Hayes Admixture mapping — a tool for medical research efforts

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