Schedule for Center Meetings and Seminars -- Spring 2010

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Jan 13 Eugene Khandros
(Children's Hospital of Phil. and U. Penn.)
Induction of protein degradation during erythroid maturation
Fri Jan 15   Abstract deadline for CSH Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression
Wed Jan 20
9:00 am
301D LSB
  BG Research Breakfast:
Wed Jan 20 Arthur Lesk [Cancelled]
Wed Jan 27 Zaky Adam Inferring ancestral genomes by genome rearrangement
Wed Feb 3    
Wed Feb 10    
Wed Feb 17
9:00 am
301D LSB
Joshua Herr BG Research Breakfast:
Functional genomics and phylogenetics of two plant gene families responsible for stress response and microbial interactions
Wed Feb 17 Guruprasad Ananda A multivariate analysis approach to the study of rate co-variation for different types of mutations in their genomic context
Fri Feb 19   Abstract deadline for CSH Biology of Genomes
Wed Feb 24    
Wed Mar 3 Yong Cheng and Kuan-Bei Chen Conservation versus change in occupancy by transcription factors in human and mouse erythroid genomes
Mar 8-12
  [Spring break]
Wed Mar 17
9:00 am
301D LSB
  BG Research Breakfast:
Wed Mar 17 Weisheng Wu and Swathi Kumar Epigenomic landscape and gene regulation in erythropoiesis
Mar 23-27
  CSH Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression
Wed Mar 24   [No CCGB meeting]
Wed Mar 31    
Wed Apr 7 Sunando Roy Identifying SInS of a RNA virus
Wed Apr 14 Federico Hoffmann
(Univ. of Nebraska)
Evolution of the vertebrate globin genes
Wed Apr 21
9:00 am
301D LSB
  BG Research Breakfast:
Wed Apr 21 Belinda Giardine SNP data integration using genome browsers
Wed Apr 28    
May 3-7
  [Final exams]
Wed May 5    
May 11-15
  CSH Biology of Genomes
May 15-17
  CSH First Galaxy Developer Conference

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