Schedule for Center Meetings and Seminars -- Fall 2010

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

Wed Sep 1 Weisheng Wu
Swathi Kumar
(Hardison group)
Dynamics of the epigenetic landscape during erythroid differentiation after GATA1 restoration
Investigating erythroid gene regulation: a multivariate analysis of expression and epigenomic signatures
Wed Sep 8 Benjamin Dickins
(Nekrutenko group)
How accurate are polymorphism estimates from NGS data? An empirical approach.
Wed Sep 15   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Sep 22
9:00 am
301D LSB
Jaeyoung Choi
(Seoul National Univ.)
BG Research Breakfast:
Fungal secretome database: integrated platform for annotation of fungal secretomes
Wed Sep 22 Bob Harris and
Ross Hardison
Dead zones in the genome (ENCODE analysis)
Wed Sep 29   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Oct 6 Yu Zhang
Jialin Xu
Problems and methods for interaction mapping
ChIP-Seq peak calling
Wed Oct 13   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Oct 20
9:00 am
301D LSB
Jennie Lavine
BG Research Breakfast:
Whooping cough transmission in highly vaccinated populations
Wed Oct 20 Ho-Sung Rhee
Frank Pugh
ChIP-exo: mapping genomic binding locations with single-base accuracy
Chromatin structure in sporulation of yeast
Wed Oct 27   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Nov 3
4:00 pm
101 Althouse
Roger Deal
(Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research
BMB seminar:
Chromatin dynamics and the specification of cell fate
Wed Nov 10   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Nov 17
9:00 am
301D LSB
  BG Research Breakfast:
Wed Nov 17 Aakrosh Ratan
(Miller group)
Wed Nov 24   [Thanksgiving break]
Wed Dec 1   [See CIDD schedule]
Wed Dec 8 Damian van Rossum Towards a computational model of nociceptive avoidance behavior in nematode
Wed Dec 15
9:00 am
301D LSB
Ti-Cheng Chang
(Liu lab)
BG Research Breakfast:
The transcriptome of the bovine Y-chromosome
Wed Dec 15   [Final exams]

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