Schedule for Center Meetings and Seminars -- Spring 2011

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the large commons area ("curved room") of 501 Wartik, unless otherwise noted.

In addition, this semester the Frontiers in Genomics seminar page lists many talks by faculty candidates in connection with the genomics initiative.

Wed Jan 12   [No CCGB meeting]
Wed Jan 19
9:00 am
301D LSB

Sridhar Ranganathan
Sushant Mishra
BG Research Breakfast:
Microbial metabolic reaction networks
Protein conformational transitions
Wed Jan 19 Debashis Ghosh Statistical methods for meta-analysis of genomic data
Wed Jan 26    
Wed Feb 2 (Schuster group) [Canceled due to weather]
Wed Feb 9    
Wed Feb 16
9:00 am
301D LSB

Oscar Bedoya
Gue Su Chang
BG Research Breakfast:
A network model of gene cluster evolution
A high-resolution nucleosome map for Dictyostelium discoideum
Wed Feb 16 Ross Hardison and Weisheng Wu Chromatin states, permissiveness for regulation, and issues for translation
Wed Feb 23 Frank Pugh Doing biochemistry on a genomic scale, and some other tidbits from the Pugh lab
Wed Mar 2 Ivan Simeonov
(Chiaromonte group)
Exploratory spatial analysis of in-vitro RSV co-infections
Wed Mar 9   [Spring break]
Wed Mar 16
9:00 am
301D LSB

Zhaorong Ma
Bongsoo Park
BG Research Breakfast:
Studying cis-regulatory elements of miRNA genes
Cyber-infrastructures supporting fungal and oomycete phylogenetics, genomics, and education
Wed Mar 16
4:00 pm
101 Althouse
Jinchuan Xing
(Univ of Utah)
Human genomic variation: understanding mobile DNA elements and hunting disease genes
Wed Mar 23 (Lesk group)  
Wed Mar 30 Daniel Huson
(Univ of Tübingen)
Integrative analysis of environmental sequences using MEGAN 4
Wed Apr 6 Chai Fungtammasan
(Makova group)
Predicting common fragile sites in the human genome using statistical approaches
Wed Apr 13    
Wed Apr 20    
Wed Apr 27    
Thu Apr 28
3:30 pm
501 Wartik

Guru Ananda
Nathaniel Cannon
BG Journal Club:
Microsatellite variation in the 1000 Genomes project
Reliability of genotype risk scores in phenotype prediction
Wed May 4 Erika Kvikstad
(Univ Lyon 1)
Indel fixation dynamics: insights from 1000 Genomes Pilot 1
May 10-14
  CSH Biology of Genomes

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